Entering Gambia

Visiting The Gambia : Entry Requirements

In order to enter the Republic of The Gambia, all visitors must have a valid passport and evidence of Yellow fever vaccination. Entry visas must be obtained by visitors from Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of The Gambia in their country of origin, except the countries that do not require entry visas to The Gambia.  Where there is no Gambian diplomatic representative, participants shall have the privilege to obtain entry visa at the Banjul International Airport upon arrival.  The cost of VISA is D300.

Citizens of the United Kingdom, full members of the European Union, the Commonwealth, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and other nations with a reciprocal visa abolition agreement with The Gambia do not require a visa to enter the country; whether on holiday or on a business trip not exceeding 90 days. Tourist and others travelling on last minute bookings will be allowed entry but will be required to submit their passport to the Department of Immigration in Banjul within 48 hours to be issued a proper visa.

Customs and Excise Tax

The Gambia has strict laws on the import and export of illegal and narcotic drugs.  Visitors may enter The Gambia with 200 cigarettes or 50 Cigars/cigarettes or mixed prorate e.g. 250gr of other mixed tobacco, I litre of spirits plus 1 litre of wine.  Travelers in possession of prescription drugs should show proof of their prescription, such as labelled containers.  It is against the law for visitors to photograph or film government buildings, including airport, military installation or embassies due to security concerns.  Press equipment are allowed into the country temporarily, provided an exhaustive list is submitted beforehand.

Duty Free

The following goods and quantities may be imported into The Gambia duty free:

Cigarettes – 200 sticks

Cigars – 50 sticks

Tobacco – 250 grams

Spirit – 1 liter beer or wine 1 litre

Other goods – up to a value of D1,000.00


Travel Insurance

Visitors are advised to take comprehensive travel insurance in advance of travel covering the following:





Personal belongings

Baggage damage/loss or delay


Flight Available to/from Banjul and Dakar

The International Airlines operating in The Gambia and currently flying to/from Banjul and Dakar are as follows: Brussels Airlines, Arik Air, Tui Arkefly Spanair, Elysian Airlines, Air Senegal International, Viking Airline, Belleview Airline, Virgin Nigeria, Ethiopian, South African, Kenyan Air, Air Ivoire, Air Burkina, Royal Maroc, Libyan Air, Afriqiyah, Gabon Air, Air Mali, Air Mauritania, and Carbon Verde.  Take your tickets with you when you go to the travel agent for confirmation.

By Road

If you are already in the West African sub-region, you can travel to The Gambia by road. There is a road link between Dakar and Banjul and the journey will take between five to six hours. There is also a road link with Ziguinchor, in Southern Senegal, and Bissau. However, a four-wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended.

By Sea

Banjul has a deep-sea port, which receives several cruise ships a year. Container ships and other freighters call into Banjul Port from all over the world as well.